General Election 2017


DSP Publishing set up Operation Dharmic Vote (ODV) as a national policy pressure group. It was established in 2014 with the aim of articulating policy issues that have positive or negative impacts on Dharmic communities in the United Kingdom. By Dharmic, we mean Sanatan Dharma (Hindu), Jain, Sikh, and Buddhist communities that have their origins in the Indian sub-continent.

End of Blind loyalty to ANY party.

Traditionally Dharmic communities have voted for the Labour Party. This is changing largely because the Labour Party has taken the Dharmic vote for granted. The community has voted for Labour for over 50 years without demanding much. However, The Labour Party has over the years pursued policies that have actually been at the detriment of the Dharmic community. The caste legislation is but one such example. There are many other examples both at local and national levels.

However, Labour is not the ONLY political party that takes the Dharmic voter for granted. The Conservatives and the LibDems too have treated the Dharmic voter with little more than “tea & samosas”. All the political parties “sing” excellent¬†lullabies about how good, productive and law-abiding the Dharmic community is. But that is the ONLY extent of any meaningful engagement.

ODV’s primary objective in any election is to inform the Dharmic voter of key policy impacts of what the political parties set out in their manifestos and which of the candidates would potentially respond positively to the local Dharmic issues. ODV will “recommend/promote” different political party candidates based either on their track record or the commitments/feedbacks they provide ODV on key issues.

ODV have run policy impact campaigns in targeted constituencies in both the 2015 and 2017 General Elections. We work with the Electoral Commission to ensure we work within the spirit and the law in what we do. We aim to cover any appropriate local elections between now and the next General Election.

Introduction to Operation Dharmic Vote

Date: 26th May 2017

Author: Mukesh Naker

Say NO to Caste Law

Date: 26th May 2017

Author: Mukesh Naker