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Key ACLC outcome Objective – Repeal legislation AND Case Law – consent Form R1

I am pleased to set out below the Caste Legislation consultation papers as follows:

We support and endorse the policy of ACLC to repeal BOTH the case law and caste Legislation. For this we consent to supporting the joint letter to Rt. Hon. Justine Greening and to submit a response to the consultation on our behalf.

  1. For ACLC to submit the long version of the template ACLC has prepared. http://www.dsp.today/aclc/proposed-short-response/
  1. To sign up to the collective letter (links below) to the Equality Minister Rt Hon Justine Greening MP from as many Dharmic organisations as possible.

For Businesses – http://www.dsp.today/aclc/em-letter-for-business/

For Community Organisations – http://www.dsp.today/aclc/em-letter-for-community-organisations/

  1. We will support the ACLC policy to lobby our local MP and parliament to do the same.
  2. The APPG Jain will support the ACLC policy for the repeal of BOTH legislation and case law. Will also lobby parliament to do the same.
  3. We will circulate briefing papers, notes and documents that are prepared by ACLC to our members and other stake holders.
  4. We will provide whatever support and resources ACLC requires and are available to us.

The matter was discussed at the One JAIN Meeting held at EKTA Centre on Sunday 18 June and it was agreed that the Jain Organisations under OneJAIN will circulate the paper to their respective members extensively and request them to sign and return the consent Form R1 to aclc1uk@gmail.com.

We urge you to please inform your members to respond by 12th July to meet the Government deadline.

Your immediate action will be much appreciated. If you need any clarification please feel free to contact Mukesh Naker of ACLC 077 1313 7425

Best wishes

For and on behalf of OneJAIN

Nemu Chandaria OBE
Chair – Board of Directors
Institute of Jainology