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Caste Consultation

Following requests from ACLC, on 5th July the Government Equalities Office managing the caste consultation agreed to extend the consultation from 17th July 2017 to 18th Sept. 2017.

This will give the Dharmic community a little more time to come together to ensure the repeal of BOTH the legislation AND case law.

  1. Consultation

This consultation has pre-determined outcomes planned for the Dharmic community. GEO has confirmed this. The outcome is likely to be to force the community to accept the case law.  This way, Parliament and the political parties do not have to be held responsible for the serious financial or other burdens that will impact on community organisations, their members and businesses from the Dharmic community.

There is NO case for the UK Dharmic community to answer. The Government, ALL the political parties and the policy makers have FAILED to provide evidence of discrimination, FAILED to define caste, FAILED to measure size of the problem, FAILED to carry out proper independent and empirical research such as the NHS, housing and other public sectors. They have FAILED to carry out ANY impact assessments, FAILED to consult the Dharmic communities in an open and transparent way.

This consultation and the caste laws are a sham and an injustice on so many grounds.

  1. Give ACLC the consent to guide you to fill in the Consultation Document and to lobby Government departments and politicians.

The consultation document and the process are complex and very legalistic. Even lawyers and professionals in the field are struggling to answer the questions in words that deliver their intentions in the responses to the consultation. For this ACLC has devised several templates for ease and will follow this up with the Government Departments, with your consent, and keep you informed of the developments.

  1. ACLC are organising regional briefing meetings to which all community organisations, businesses and members will be invited. We will share with you a strategy of achieving repeal of BOTH caste legislation AND case law. If any organisation and region wants a briefing meeting, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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