Thank you for your interest to purchase the LIMITED BOOK OFFER of your own your Signed copy of The Man who Saved India – Sardar Patel by the author Hindol Sengupta. It will also be signed by the DIPF co-director Dr Gautam Sen who quoted on the book as

“A towering statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel has now been erected, appropriately recognising and celebrating his towering achievement in creating the united nation of Bharat in which its citizens live. A hugely skilful statesmen rose from humble origins to institutionalise the political cartography of an ancient civilisation. It is easy to forget that his immense achievement was the culmination of countless struggles and wars over a thousand years to give meaning to the aspirations of the entire civilisation of indica. And the political unification of Bharat that he negotiated was achieved virtually without any bloodshed.

The memory of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and his achievements have become, in contemporary Bharat, the inspiration for the new nation struggling to be born. This is a nation that will embody cultural self-confidence, political stability, a vibrant civil society, economic success and efficient government as well as the ability to defend itself in a hostile world. All of these goals were evident in the life time endeavours of the great man who started with little, achieved much professional success and then abandoned personal gratification to serve the nation. And he did so magnificently, with wisdom, uncanny political prescience and  personal humility, leaving behind a legacy to admire and imitate.

The wonderful biography written by celebrated author, Hindol Sengupta captures the story of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in arresting prose, doing full justice to his life and many achievements. It will remain the standard biography for the foreseeable future and Indians will benefit much from reading it, for their edification and education.”

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