Dharmic Vote

To make the Dharmic voter politically significant

in local and national elections to ALL political parties

About Us

As Hindus, Jains and Sikhs, we make up the majority of the Dharmic communities in the UK. We have very “decentralised” structures as organisations and communities. We have very good community cohesion between us  and with other communities. However in terms of dealing with and addressing the challenges we face at policy levels politically or institutionally, we are at a distinct disadvantage. DSP’s primary role is try to bridge that. From the work done with British Hindu Voice, Anti Caste legislation Committee, helping to form the Federation of Hindus & Jains Leicestershire and the Coalition for Dialogue, we know there is not only a need to bring the communities together but there is strong support for DSP type of communications channel at both the organisational and grass roots levels.

Raise the Dharmic Community’s Political Effectiveness.

It is to understand and deal with a serious dichotomy between on the one hand the Dharmic community playing such a positive role in UK’s economic, social and cultural life, being one of the least problematic communities, being easily one of the most peaceful, law abiding and cohesive communities to fit in. Yet on the other hand, politically completely lacking any degree of effectiveness in able to influence or get redress to significant issues at local or national levels.