Thank you to the over 60 attendees who took the time to attend the launch of the two documentaries on the plight of Pakistani Hindus and other minorities. There was a very active discussion and participation from the audience and who were keen to have immediate steps/actions to be taken even part way through the presentation. This demonstrates the level of concern and passion on the sad plight of the Pakistani Hindus both in Pakistan and India.

DIPF understands the passion and frustrations of the Dharmic community on this issue and the desire to get moving. However, this issue is far more complex and has festered for over seven decades and needs to be better understood and planned for a positive outcome in as short a time as possible.

Summary of Key Issues /potential actions

A brief summary of what was discussed and proposed actions is set out as follows:

  1. UK Tour of “Who am I” – On Thursday 21st June the documentary makers Prakash Jha and Anuradha Mishra finally got their visas to undertake a 6-week tour of ALL the major cities. DIPF is requesting all community organisations, Mandirs and Gurdwaras to email us possible dates from approx. Mid July to end of Aug 2018. We need approx. 2 hours at the best times you expect your local community to attend. 
  2. Charity – A proposal for a steering committee to investigate the issues and form a charity to help the families and communities affected. Navtam Gosai committed £151.00 and a number of others have come forward with offers of money to assist Pakistani Hindus in India and the idea of Gau Shala and biogas project.
  3. Human Rights (HR) and discrimination – To explore how the HR and discrimination suffered by the Hindus and other minorities can be given voice and addressed in an effective manner.
  4. A self-sustaining Gau Shala and biogas project in India – as proposed by Samvedana Charity to help the Pakistani Hindu refugees in India of being able to support their families and to become self-sufficient.
  5. Conservative Muslim Forum. – Mr Mohammed Amin, who kindly attended the meeting offered to have discussions with the DIPF team to explore in what way and how they could assist.
  6. Pakistani Community – There were several Pakistani Hindus especially from the Sindi Community at the seminar whose input and perspectives were interesting, which need to be explored further.
  7. Lobby UK Govt & Parliamentarians – Several suggestions and options were suggested and recommended for follow up.


  1. Thank you so much for organising the event earlier today. It was well thought out, well planned and executed very well.
    I think you also met the main objectives of holding the event, firstly, raising awareness of the issue and then following that with an Action Plan in a sincere attempt towards resolving the issue. Well done and congratulations
    . ??? Text VS
  2. “It was a good meeting we had last night, and some very helpful ideas were put forward from the floor, we should now look to put some of these into effect.” Email PP
  3. “You are fully aware I am here to support any work you are involved in, we go back a very long time. As for the cause last night, it really brought a lot more awareness and knowledge to my ears and I was really shocked and disheartened to see the details from the video and updates in the speech from your colleagues.”  Email RT
  4. Thank you for the seminar and the kind Prasad yesterday. The debate was informative. Text KJ
  5. “This is an important initiative. No one has had the guts to address what you do for fear of “ruffling feathers” thus far. Well done.” Text MP
  6. Namaskar, hope the programme went well. Sorry I could not come despite my deep desire. ? Text CP 



No event just happens. It’s a lot of people contributing their time, resources, participation and goodwill that has helped make this launch event such a success.

  1. All the attendees from far and wide for their time, interest, inputs and commitment to support the work needed.
  2. Katherine and Jennifer from Matthew Offord MP & Henry Smith MP’s office respectively for all the arrangements for the facilities at the HoC.
  3. All the staff and security at the HoC for a smooth and ease of access and use of the facilities.
  4. Naveed Walter, President of Human Rights Focus Pakistan for sharing his documentary
  5. Prakash Jha and Anuradha Mishra Samvedana Charitable Trust for their documentary and presentation guide notes.
  6. Harish Patel – Natraj Rayners Lane and South Harrow for the donation of the Prasad
  7. Anil Mehta of RJ Mehta and sons for the water
  8. Chris Robinson for the transport assistance

Pre-event Publicity for launch at House of Commons on 20th June 2018.

The Dharmic Ideas & Policy Foundation (DIPF) announces the advance details of the UK Tour of two ground-breaking documentaries on human rights violations.

The First Documentary is on Pakistan titled ‘The Trapping Faiths’ dealing with the Human Rights abuses of over 2,000 girls per year who are victims of kidnapping, forced conversions and child marriages from predominantly Hindu, Christian and other religious minorities. Global Human Rights Defense (GHRD) is an international human rights organisation focusing on the rights of religious minorities in Pakistan.
The Second Documentary is about the challenges faced by Hindu refugees from Pakistan in India and also when in Pakistan titled ‘Pakistani Hindu – Who am I’. This is a joint production by P2P Productions and Samvedana Trust. The charity seeks to help these Hindu refugees in India by building small scale businesses to employ them. The primary aim is to provide at least each member of the family with a job so that he/she can earn at least 4,000 INR and bear at least some family expenditure.