86 Belper Street: Planning Application No. 20172032

Change of use from workshop/offices (Class B1) to nursery, education centre and prayer hall (Class D1); alterations at front; associated parking – objection deadline – Wed 1st Nov 2017

British Hindu Voice had been approached by a number of people and organisations to help with this. Some preliminary letters and guide lines have already been loaded and distributed. The purpose of this communication is to be a reminder of the deadline of 1/11/17 and also to check that if you have put in the submission it fulfils all the right criteria. Also, there are other actions one could take to follow this up. We need 1,000 objections and the last count there were approx. 485, so we need 515+ in next 2 days. It is strongest if done by Belgrave ward residents but users of local amenities and facilities could object.

Criteria for Objections –

It is a planning application, so the objections must be based on planning rules/ grounds. Objections on any other grounds will not matter and will not be taken into consideration. Even the petition won’t help if it is not based on planning rules. Meeting of residents with the ward councillors is a must. Faith should not be invoked, and the focus should be on planning rules e.g. traffic flow, parking spaces, noise nuisance/ environment problems. Planning laws are very strict, and an application can only be rejected on planning grounds because the applicant has right to appeal to an Inspector and if it reaches that point the Council will have no say if it is granted.

Get the objection in by 1/11/17 – Best done be an email or online, see guide below

Ward Councillors & MP – Write and request a meeting with them, can be after 1/11/17 but asap.

Cllr Mansukhlal Chohan
Bus. phone:  0116 454 6360
Email: mo.chohan@leicester.gov.uk

Cllr Manjula Sood MBE LL.D(Hon)
Mobile:  07976 398192
Email:  manjula.sood@leicester.gov.uk

Cllr John Thomas
Bus. phone: 
0116 454 6360

Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP
Tel: 0116 276 9144
Email:  casework@live.co.uk

Object to the planning Online as follows:

1 Go to the online form by clicking here

2. In the Application Field enter: 20172032 and press search

3. Then click on the application number (it will open the application up)

4. Then click on submit comments. (last column on the form)

5. Then click on ‘continue without an account’

6. Select ‘agree’ at the bottom and then next.

7. Select ‘Objecting’ and then enter your reasons. – Please see below possible reasons, use those you feel are appropriate. Copy and paste these in.

8. You do not need to enter your personal details, just your address. If you want an email confirmation, it is a good idea to fill in your email.

9. Click Submit – Make a note of the confirmation

10. Now write to all three ward Cllr’s and Keith Vaz.

11. Cc us a copy to BHV –BritishHinduVoice@gmail.com– This will help all of us plan and prepare the next part of the objection.

Draft letter and list of objections that can be copied and pasted in the online form.

Or it could be emailed to planning@leicester.gov.uk, Tel: 0116 454 1000


​​​​​​​​​​Your Name & address

Planning Department

Leicester City Council

115 Charles Street,



F.A.O. Mrs. Alka Brambhatt

Dear Madam



I refer to the above planning application wish to object strongly to such development at this particular site.

I am objecting to this planning application on several grounds such as:-

1) Its visual impact of this proposal is over bearing, out of scale and the character having detrimental effect on the nearby residential neighbourhood such as increased noise, disturbance, overlooking and the loss of privacy.

2) I, also have concerns about adverse effect on the highway safety, due to One Way street with a narrow residential road and the safety fears for the pedestrians. At present, we have noticed that most cars are parked half on the road and half on the pavement, this issue is already causing inconvenience of road/footpath users with wheelchairs, pushchair’s and the able-bodied elderly residents.

3) At present, there are already limited car parking spaces for the local residents and by, having proposed Nursery, Prayer hall and education centre it will bring in high volume of cars on this street including level of pollution from car fume emission.

4) Also there is a lack of on street car parking, due to people visiting the Church, banqueting Hall venues, Pub and a Temple on this street. This site is in the middle of this street which would seriously affect the residents of all the adjoining and across the road.

5) I strongly disagree with the traffic report provided as it does not reflect on the general usage of the peak times such as the banqueting hall, the nursery, the pub etc used at the same times, and the parking issues incurred at those times. The travel study report is not carried out by independent qualified persons and appears to be massaged to suit the Council Officer (Bal Minhas)

6) Furthermore, there is no need for this kind of development to be in filled within this local residential neighbourhood. The only need identified in the local plans would be is to support construction of more sustainable and affordable terrace houses built, for the local people with low incomes etc.

7) There are inadequate details of the plans submitted in particular to the street scene, sound proofing, the effect on the adjoining properties with light etc. The Planning Department should request for more of such details as the important issues affecting the adjoining and nearby residents have not been adequately looked at.

I feel that Planning Department should take our objections seriously and should be based on its merits and priorities. There are already 3-4 of these types of facilities within a mile from this site. From my recent observations, it was noted that some of these facilities are not overly used during daytime. Besides there are a lot of existing primary and secondary schools nearby where these facilities for the education could be considered during out of school hours which are the times they normally use these facilities. Also, there are a number of Nurseries nearby or within a short distance from this site which are not fully occupied at present.  This area requires more affordable housing as there is sheer lack of this type of accommodation in comparison to the other areas of Leicester.

Yours Sincerely


Mr/Mrs ___________________