Proposed Short Response to Government Caste Consultation

ACLC Contribution


ACLC Govt. led Caste Consultation – Guidance to Community Members on Filling in Forms

Key outcome Objective – Repeal  legislation AND Case Law

The information provided by the Govt in the consultation document presents and offers “choices” that have pre-emptive questions and deceptive options that have the potential that members of Hindu & Jain Communities could misunderstand the process and potentially give responses that would compromise our communities’ future. This has been compounded by the conflicting advice some organisations have started to give out to the Hindu & Jain communities in filling in the consultation forms.

ACLC’s advice is as concise as we can make it. ACLC’s answers below are consistent in keeping Hindu and Jain Communities secure by seeking the repeal of both legislation and case law. To quote Bob Blackman, MP for Harrow East from 2010 and founding Chairman of the Hindu APPG from 2013 and supported by Matthew Offord MP for Hendon, Mike Freer MP for Finchley and Golders Green and Henry Smith MP for Crawley. 

As Chair of the Hindu APPG from 2013, I have followed closely the caste legislation and its impacts on the Hindu community. The government’s current caste consultation is most welcome as I have been pressing for the community to have an opportunity to repeal this ill thought out, divisive and unnecessary legislation inflicted on the community by the Labour & Liberal Democrat parties. However, constituents have raised concerns that the consultation document is too legalistic and they have experienced difficulties in responding with a set of words that properly reflects their intentions. It should be clear that the Government is ensuring that anyone who claims that caste discrimination exists the opportunity to explain their evidence. I urge individuals to respond to the consultation making clear that they have not experienced caste discrimination and that this should be repealed. Having studied the Anti Caste Legislation Committee’s (ACLC) briefing papers on the potential impacts on individuals, businesses, community organisations and public authorities, and their assertion that case law could end up with adverse consequences, if re-elected, I would seek the support of the government and fellow MP’s to repeal both the caste clause in the legislation and Parliament to overturn any adverse judgements in case law.”



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Consent to Anti Caste Legislation Committee (ACLC)

1.      I support and endorse the policy of ACLC to repeal both the case law and caste Legislation.

2.      I consent to ACLC forwarding and liaison with the Govt offices on this issue on my behalf.

3.      I will share and encourage my family and friends to respond to the government Caste Consultation in accordance to the guidance and replies provided by ACLC.

4.      I will support the ACLC policy to lobby my local MP and parliament to do the same.

5.      I will circulate whatever briefing papers, notes and documents that are prepared by ACLC.

Please email us at with your contact details and your preference for using the ‘short’ or the ‘long’ version.

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