ACLC response to Government Equalities Office (GEO) on consultations translations

PSED [Public Sector Equality Duty] Considerations

Re ACLC – Issue of GEO’s refusal on translations into Indian and other native languages for ongoing caste consultation

Please take time to carefully review one of the letters that ACLC is raising with MPs of ALL political parties who have significant numbers of South Asian communities, Somali, Arab and other communities in their constituencies, as well as Peers.

ACLC’s recommendation to ALL Dharamic community members i.e. as individuals, businesses, community organisations, charities and voluntary organisations is NOT to fill in the online consultation form or any other submission but to provide a consent to ACLC to do it on your behalf.

The reasons of why we are suggesting this process and how you could do this is set out as below.

Every Dharmic Household should fill one of these.

Every business and community organisation should fill in

ACLC Response to GEO on the question of translations

Jonathan Ashworth MP ACLC – Issue of GEO’s refusal on Translations into Indian & other native languages.

Government Equalities Office (GEO) response to ACLC enquiry on consultations translations